This web portal allows you to apply for computing time and data projects on different target sites. The application procedure is split into multiple steps or panels. The first panel lists all applications, which you have already filled. Here you can choose to continue with an active application or you can start a new one. Afterwards, a sequence of all required steps is presented in the top menu bar.


Please, do not use the browser's back and forth buttons. This might cause loss of already filled data. Either use the top menu bar to go directly to the selected panel or use back and next in the bottom menu.

As soon as you have created a new application or loaded an existing one, all steps required for the application are listed in the top menu bar. You can navigate through all steps in an arbitrary order by clicking on the corresponding panel names. You can even postpone a panel, although there is data missing. This allows you to easily get an overview of all requested data.

In the bottom menu bar a list of actions for the current panel is presented. The buttons next and back are used to navigate through the panels step by step. In addition, clicking on the next button runs a validation of the current panel. Only, if all data is valid, the next panel is shown. The save action stores the progress of your application. With exit the current application data is stored, and the list of all your applications is shown. To clear the data filled into the current panel, press reset.

Data management

When switching from one panel to another all your data is stored immediately for the current application. Before quitting the web page you can also use save to store all changes on the current page. If you would like to continue with an application after quitting the web page, a new identification mail needs to be sent to you. Then a list of all your applications is shown with the option to further edit the application data.

After finalizing an application, it is no longer possible to edit your data. You can only print and sign the application summary in order to send it to the Coordination Office for the Allocation of Computing Time.

Time limit

There are two possibilities:

  • No tick at This is a private and secure computer (default):
    If there is no activity for more than 30 minutes the connection is automatically closed. Please start again with the automatic Email call-back.
  • Tick at This is a private and secure computer:
    Please use this option only if if you can ensure, that no other person has access to your computer. You are responsible in case of abuse of your account due to using this option on a public computer. The server will allow a longer period of inactivity before closing the connection.


This web application is extensively tested for Firefox, which we recommend for the best user experience. Basic tests are run for Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Konqueror and Opera.

If you are experiencing any problems or errors with the project application forms, do not hesitate to ask for support via pc2-support@uni-paderborn.de.